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Laila Lettering is the creation of Scottish calligrapher Christina Lessani. What began as a personal passion for calligraphy, self-taught in preparation for her own wedding, soon transformed into a flourishing business venture. In February 2018, Laila Lettering was officially born, and since then, it has become synonymous with the art of beautiful lettering.
From exquisite wedding stationery to captivating event details, Christina has curated an impressive portfolio over the past five years. Her journey has been nothing short of remarkable, as she’s etched her name as the premier calligrapher in Scotland. But it doesn’t stop there. Laila Lettering has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned names like MTV, CHANEL, Vieve, and Ferrari.
Weddings have remained at the core of Christina’s journey. Her expertise in crafting luxurious wedding stationery and details under the banner of Laila Lettering Weddings has made her a sought-after choice for couples seeking that personal touch. Her clientele includes notable names like Jamie Geneveive and Jack McCann, Emily Shak, and Ellie and Richie Gray, among many others.
Her journey began in 2016 when she self-taught the art of calligraphy, adding a personal touch to her own wedding, an experience that resonates with many. She now shares her expertise through calligraphy workshops, reigniting the connection between people and paper. Christina’s mission is simple yet profound: to inspire others to relax, switch off, and rekindle the dwindling art of calligraphy.
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